About Me

About Me

Theresa G. Burroughs is a 40-year-old senior politician who enjoys chess, meditation and painting. She is stable and caring, but can also be very cowardly and a bit impatient. She is an Artist and love Painting.

She is a British Christian who defines herself as straight. She has a post-graduate degree in philosophy, politics, economics and art. She is allergic to grasshoppers.

Physically, Theresa is in good shape. She is very tall with bronze skin, brown hair and black eyes. She has a nasal kink.

She grew up in an upper class neighbourhood. She was raised in a happy family home with two loving parents.

Theresa G. Burroughs is called the professional painter of freaks because her topics are people whose normality seems extraordinary or surreal. Her parents resided in New York City where they had a famous Fifth Opportunity department store which they called Russek’s Outlet store. The store focuses on selling fur and also women’s garments aside from that the handy crafts, as well as the paintings she made. Theresa is a characteristically interdisciplinary artist, making use of the forms, methods and also strategies of many different art types and also revealing herself throughout a massive array of different mediums.