Theresa G. Burroughs / October 26, 2018

The range of activities stretches from different culinary experiences to workshops, events and creative events for all age groups. Passion is the breeding ground for great projects and results. Also the intensification of interpersonal meetings for a common advanced training is a big concern of the mouth workshop. The further development of our programme is constantly oriented towards the guests, clients and participants of the cooking school and their wishes.

The interior design of the mouth workshop, be it decoration, utensils or furniture, is characterized by works and objects of various artists or is partly designed by Daniela Balhasi herself. There are no defined boundaries in the interaction between kitchen and art. Once you support the environment, in which in a cosy round a delicious Dinner is consumed, on the other hand this has direct influence into the conversion of the courts or the Dinnerabend is accompanied by poetry.

Interested artists can apply at any time for the presentation in the premises or carry out vernissages in these. The kitchen and the art have many things in common, because with colours, harmony and materials you can inspire, surprise or enrich.

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