Phone in Services on Dry Cleaning

Phone in Services on Dry Cleaning

Theresa G. Burroughs / November 1, 2018

It is common to most professional dry cleaners chicago to accept phone calls in orders for dry-cleaning products. There is also the collection and delivery service rendered for all dry cleaning pieces; this is useful for busy consumers who do not have time to run to the laundry with their cleaning needs.

Telephone ordering process

Almost all consumers today have a phone that allows them to call any preferred dry cleaner so that their washing machines are dry-cleaned. The phone in dry request is very simple.

Busy customers requiring dry cleaning services can call their preferred dry cleaners using one of the hotlines. Some larger cleaning companies have multiple calls that allow customers to quickly pass through their first call attempt. This is a very attractive service for busy consumers who do not want to listen to voicemail, but want to serve customers quickly when they call their cleaning machines.

After an incoming call, customers only need to place a dry order with their preferred pickup and delivery time. They can print out and fill in an order form from their cleaning staff, which should be handed over to the dry pick-up staff.

Payment will also be collected from customers along with the laundry; when the items are cleaned in accordance with customers’ instructions, they will be delivered to the customer at a specific place, time and authorised consignee.


Different telephone charges apply to dry services. Additional discounts are offered if personal delivery and collection are undertaken. The charges for dry cleaning vary depending on the number of items to be dry-cleaned.

Most professional dry cleaners would quote prices with VAT, although there are specific prices for each dry-cleaning article. Different fabrics may have different charges because some fabrics are fragile and some stains are stubborn.

There may be a minimum fee imposed by some dry fabrics to satisfy the service provided. Different pickup and delivery locations would also entail different fees for dry service.

But the customer can enjoy lower rates if bulk orders for dry products are placed; similarly, if the customer is a permanent patron of cleaning services. Sometimes cleaners can offer seasonal promotions where dry product prices are much lower than usual.

Types of items

A dry phone can accept a wide range of items; these are suits, trousers, skirts, jackets, tops, coats and dresses. Some garments are loaded by item, while others can be counted as a set.

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